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Flame spray

Metalo, the flame spray specialist in the Netherlands. Take a look at our techniques.


We have a large number of state-of-the-art machines for every operation imaginable.


Metalo combines knowledge of design with experience of producing in-house; the best design.


Call +31 (0)75 6164013, visit us at Grote Tocht 1 in Zaandam or ask your question online.

We produce a.o.

  • Pistons
  • Overhaul of rotary press rolls
  • Bending rolls
  • Drive shafts, in all dimensions
  • Molds and stamps
  • Piston rods
  • Pump overhaul
  • Overhaul pump impellers
  • Eccentric shafts



Surface treatments

As a specialist in surface treatment, Metalo also provides machine finishing of surfaces.

Machne factory Turning

Machining operations

CNC turning and milling, both 4- and 5-axis, for large or complex products. We also have a number of turning and broaching machines.

Flamespraying autogenous powder spraying

Flame spraying

Flame spraying is a unique and practical technique for applying a coating to almost all metal and non-metal surfaces.

CAD CAM solutions Machine factory


The best design is one that meets the specifications at the lowest possible production cost. We will help you achieve this.

Who are we

Metalo machine factory manufactures high quality products for the industrial market. The products range from simple semi-finished products to very complex compositions. The most modern (CNC) machines are used for this. Flame spray is Metalo's specialty. With over 15 years experience in all types of flame spraying techniques including HVOF, plasma spray, autogenous wire flame spray and powder flame spray, Metalo is the #1 flame spray specialist in the Netherlands.

People and craftsmanship are central to Metalo. Our staff are professionals that can boast an excellent training and years of experience. By continuously investing in education, the high quality standards are guaranteed.

Customers can be found in the raw materials processing industry, shipbuilding, printing and energy companies.
All our work is done in the most environmental and labour friendly way possible.

Robert Fruijtier

Robért Fruijtier

Marcel Fruijtier

Marcel Fruijtier

Therefore Metalo

  • Proven quality

    Demanding customers have been choosing Metalo for more than 40 years.


  • The Dutch specialist in flame spray

    Metalo is one of the flame spray pioneers in the Netherlands. We have more than 15 years of experience with flame spraying.

  • Extensive and modern machinery

    Milling, drilling, grinding, honing, turning, broaching or blasting. You name it, Metalo has the right machinery.


  • Experienced and professional employees

    People make the difference. Always. Metalo continuously invests in improving the knowledge and skills of its employees.

  • Renowned customers

    Tata Steel, Verkade, Cargrill, Stork and TMG are just a few well-known companies that use Metalo's services.


We work for a.o.