What Metalo does?

Metalo machine factory and engineering manufactures high quality products for the industrial market. The products range from very simple to very complex. The batch sizes start from one-offs and to up to very large quantities.

Flame spray is Metalo’s specialty. With over 10 years experience in all types of flame spraying techniques including HVOF, plasma spray, flame spray powder and wire flame spray is Metalo Nr1 specialist in the Netherlands..

People and craftsmanship are central at Metalo. Our staff are professionals that can boast an excellent training and years of experience. By continuously investing in education, the high quality standards are guaranteed.

Customers can be found in e.g. the raw materials processing industry, shipbuilding, printing and energy companies.

All our work is done in the most environmental and labor friendly way possible.

Our values

  • Progressive

    Keeping up with the latest technologies and developments in the field of flame spraying

  • Capacity

    Metalo offers adequate and flexible capacity.

  • Integrity

    Our guidelines are quality, service and knowledge.

  • Facilities

    Metalo itself has all flame spraying facilities in house.

  • Customer driven

    Metalo is driven to help our customers to improve profitability and save money.

  • Nearby

    We are located close to the port of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport.