Flame spray is a unique and practical technique to apply a coating to almost any kind of metal and non-metal surfaces. This coating improves the basic material properties such as hardness, abrasion and scratch resistance and corrosion resistance.

When to use flame spray?

Flame spray coatings are mainly used for:

  • Repairing worn machine parts
  • Applying a protective layer against wear and tear
  • Increase of corrosion resistance.

Advantages of flame spray

  • Technological advantage innovations make it possible apply new wear resistant materials onto wear sensitive parts.
  • Wear resistance. flame spray coatings last up to 2x or 3x times longer.
  • Safer. Flame spraying doesn’t distort or deformi due to heat as other techniques.do
  • Time saving. A lead time of a few hours is possible.
  • Cost savingsRepair costs a lot less than replacement

Flame spray process uses a metal powder or wire which is converted in a molten jet of particles which is very strongly attached to the substrate in various ways. Metalo offers the following flame spraying techniques :

Sulzer Metco

Metalo flamespray uses Sulzer MetcoMetalo uses:

  • Sulzer Metco equipment
  • Sulzer Metco techniques
  • Sulzer Metco wire and coatings products