Maritime and offshore

Demands of the maritime and offshore industry are high. Metalo has over 35 years of experience in supplying shipyards and other "sea-going" companies.

Machine factory maritime solutions

The demands on components in shipping and offshore can be very high. Corrosion, wear and chemical processes put high strains on the machine parts used.

Metalo produces completely new components such as propeller shafts, pumps and propellers. But also overhaul of worn out parts is possible.

Manufacturing of new parts

Metalo has all the necessary facilities for the production of all metal machine parts for shipping and off-shore, e.g.:

Restoring worn out parts

With techniques sush as flame spraying worn parts can be restored, often with better features than the original.
Advantages are:

  • In comparison to a new element restoring is economically better
  • Improved properties (wear, corrosion resistance) can be "added" to parts to get them to be better than the original
  • A worn component is again a valuable and qualitative part
  • Shorter lead- and production times than for the making of a new part
  • The flame spray process has no influence on the properties of the base material


For shipping and offshore we manufacture e.g.

  • Propeller shafts
  • Propellers
  • Pumps


Metalo is supplier for a.o.:


Surface treatments

As a specialist in surface treatment, Metalo also provides machine finishing of surfaces.

Machne factory Turning

Machining operations

CNC turning and milling, both 4- and 5-axis, for large or complex products. We also have a number of turning and broaching machines.

Flamespraying autogenous powder spraying

Flame spraying

Flame spraying is a unique and practical technique for applying a coating to almost all metal and non-metal surfaces.

CAD CAM solutions Machine factory


The best design is one that meets the specifications at the lowest possible production cost. We will help you achieve this.