Oil- and gas industry

100% certainty that it is right. The consequences of failure are enormous: ecological, financial and publical. The solutions of Metalo increase security, reliability and reduce cost and downtime.

Machine factory solutions for the oil & gas industry

Machine parts in the oil-, gas- and petrochemical industry are often exposed to chemical attacks, erosion and wear. And the risk of failure is great: defects can lead to massive financial losses, ecological disaster and very bad publicity. Metalo is well aware of these risks. Reliability therefore is our number 1 goal. This is especially true in the oil-, gas- and petrochemical industry.

ISO9001, obviously

Metalo is ISO9001/2008 certified. Our aim is to continuously increase internal quality and the quality of our products and service.

Exotic materials

In the oil and gas industry often exotic materials are used, such as Monel and Duplex. Metalo has all the capabilities of working with these materials.

Advantages of flame spraying

Through various flame spraying techniques, the lifespan of many parts can be extended. Benefits include: reduced down-time and increased production capacity.

For the oil- and gas industry we manufacture a.o.

  • Bearings and bearing bushes
  • Extruders
  • Hydraulic plungers
  • Pump shafts
  • Compressors
  • Rotors
  • Seals:
    • "ball & opening" closures
    • lip seals
    • O-ring seals
    • mechanical seals

Metalo is supplier for a.o.:


Surface treatments

As a specialist in surface treatment, Metalo also provides machine finishing of surfaces.

Machne factory Turning

Machining operations

CNC turning and milling, both 4- and 5-axis, for large or complex products. We also have a number of turning and broaching machines.

Flamespraying autogenous powder spraying

Flame spraying

Flame spraying is a unique and practical technique for applying a coating to almost all metal and non-metal surfaces.

CAD CAM solutions Machine factory


The best design is one that meets the specifications at the lowest possible production cost. We will help you achieve this.