(CNC) Broaching

Machine factory Metalo has several broaching machines at its disposal. Conventional and CNC. So we are able to preform all your broaching work.

Machine factory Broaching

All broaching work

Regardless the amount of broaching that has to be done, Metalo has the right solution. Single pieces or mass production, or repairs. From simple to very complex. We process steel, stainless steel, various ecotic metals, aluminium, plastics and non-ferrous materials.


To make 100% round holes and cylinders we make use of broaching. Broaching is a technique in which the tool is spinning around in the workpiece. The broaching tool makes a circular motion while the workpiece itself is fixed. A chisel takes less and less of the workpiece. Because there is only one chisel used, the hole will be a 100% circular shape. Also with a high accuracy.

There are two broaching techniques:

  • the existing hole is deepend
  • an existing hole is enlarged.


Everything for broaching

Machine factory Metalo has the right machines, people and knowledge to carry out broaching well and quickly. Even when a specific accuracy is desired. Metalo is equipped with modern broaching machines which are operated by highly motivated employees. Each has had a solid education and continuous training. Expertise, experience and reliability are trademarks of Metalo's employees. The broaching technology is being followed closely, as developments are evolving rapidly. You as a customer will enjoy the benefits.

CNC broaching

Through CNC machines we can manufacture precision products. Modern broaching tools are used, aided and steered by our CAD/CAM system. So we have to ability to create complicated contours and products quickly. Metalo offers a great flexibility, which enables us to start on your order very soon.

Metalo offers the following broaching techniques:

  • CNC broaching

    For large quantities or complex products

  • Conventional broaching

    When CNC broaching isn't (cost) effective

Metalo is supplier for a.o.

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