(CNC) Milling

Machine factory Metalo has several milling machines at its disposal. Conventional and CNC, 3-axle and 4-axle, in order to serve you in all milling operations.

Machine factory Milling

For all your milling work

No matter how big or small the milling work is, machinefactory Metalo has the right solution. Single piece or large series. New or repair. From simple to very complex. We process steel, stainless steel, exotic metals, aluminium, plastics and other non-ferrous materials.

Many uses of milling

Milling has many applications such as:

  • Milling weld edges or slots
  • Flattening of sheet metal
  • Drilling holes, with or without tap thread

Everything needed for milling

Machine factory Metalo has the right equipment, people and knowledge for milling it right and fast with high quality. E.g. milling of complex parts and structures. With several modern milling machines Metalo offers a complete range of machining operations, such as CNC milling, 4-axle milling, broaching, drilling and tapping.

The milling department of Metalo is equipped with the most modern machines and are operated by highly motivated employees. They each have a solid education and ongoing training. Expertise, experience and reliability define the employees at Metalo.

CNC Milling

With CNC machines precision products can be produced. Also modern cutting tools are being used. With CAD/CAM systems it is possible to manufacture complex contours and products quickly. The flexibility within Metalo is large, so we are able to begin your job quickly.

Metalo uses these milling techniques:

  • CNC milling

    The most used way of milling at Metalo

  • Conventional milling

    CNC milling not (cost) effective? Then we offer conventional milling

Metalo is supplier for a.o.

More machining techniques

Machne factory Turning

(CNC) Turning

Turning of all kinds of metals and plastics can be done in very small up to very large formats. Up to a diameter of 2000 mm. The turning tolerances at machine factory Metalo are extremely tight when turning.

Machine factory Broaching

(CNC) Broaching

Machine factory Metalo has several broaching machines at its disposal. Conventional and CNC. So we are able to preform all your broaching work.

Other machining operations

Machine factory Metalo has a number of machines for performing various generic machining operations.