The best design. That's the design that meets the specifications with the highest possible reliability. Produced at the most favorable price possible.

Machine factory Engineering

Metalo has its own engineering department. We have continuously grown along with technological developments. Our engineers provide the manufacturing department with fabrication drawings. Using 3D modeling in Solid Egde, we can detail and prepare product designs for manufacturing. Fast, good and with a competitive price.

By calculating and giving advice, we are able to optimize existing components, devices and machines and determine the most optimal design for new buildings. This minimizes the costs of the final design.

  • Cad/Cam knowlegde present

    EdgeCam and Solid Edge

  • Capacity

    Machine factory Metalo offers adequate and flexible capacity.

Metalo is supplier for a.o.


Surface treatments

As a specialist in surface treatment, Metalo also provides machine finishing of surfaces.

Machne factory Turning

Machining operations

CNC turning and milling, both 4- and 5-axis, for large or complex products. We also have a number of turning and broaching machines.

Flamespraying autogenous powder spraying

Flame spraying

Flame spraying is a unique and practical technique for applying a coating to almost all metal and non-metal surfaces.

CAD CAM solutions Machine factory


The best design is one that meets the specifications at the lowest possible production cost. We will help you achieve this.