Honing of all types of metal to your specifications with the perfect finish. The tolerances at Metalo are alwayws well within the specifications.

Machine factory Honing

At Metalo we have two Sun honing machines at our disposal, horizontal and vertical. It's a form of grinding where with extreme precision a thin layer of the inner circumference of a cylindrical opening is removed.

Honing is applied to many different types of materials and is used as one of the last operations for a variety of applications using high-end holes. Unique features of honing are:

  • High quality of surface finish

    up to Ra 0.1 uM or even better

  • High dimensional accuracy

    tolerances on diameter to IT Class 6 and below

  • Great shape accuracy

    of the hole in terms of cylindricity, roundness and straightness


Metalo is supplier for a.o.

More surface treatments

Machine factory Grinding


Metalo posesses various grinders to fullfill every kind of grinding needed.

Machine factory Superfinish


If it has to be really smooth. With superfinish, a polishing belt removes material.


Metalo provides all possible forms of blasting up to a size of 6 x 2.5 x 2.5 meter.