Other machining operations

Machine factory Metalo has a number of machines for performing various generic operations.


Column drill

To perform various drilling work. This drill is provided with an Acurite 2D coordinates system for quickly pitch out a pattern of circles or holes.

Other machines

  • Grinding wheels

    For various sanding operations

  • Cutting machine

    Equipped with inlet and outlet

  • Small column drilling machine

    For various drilling purposes

  • Presses

    With broaching tools for broaching splines

  • Sawing machines

    One of which is equipped with automatic feed

  • Slotting machine

    For creating splines

  • Mobile thread tapping tool

    For tapping threads in various types of material

  • Belt sander

    For various sanding operations

Metalo is supplier for a.o.

More machining techniques

Machne factory Turning

(CNC) Turning

Turning of all kinds of metals and plastics can be done in very small up to very large formats. Up to a diameter of 2000 mm. The turning tolerances at machine factory Metalo are extremely tight when turning.

Machine factory Broaching

(CNC) Broaching

Machine factory Metalo has several broaching machines at its disposal. Conventional and CNC. So we are able to preform all your broaching work.

Machine factory Milling

(CNC) Milling

Machine factory Metalo has several milling machines at its disposal. Conventional and CNC, 3-axle and 4-axle, in order to serve you in all milling operations.