If it has to be really smooth.

Machine factory Superfinish

Bearings, gears and other engineered components transmit energy and/or motion to the interface by rolling, sliding and rotating. Areas of metal-to-metal contact between components are of great engineering concern. Such contact points increase frictional resistance, resulting in premature wear and reduced efficiency.

With superfinish, these drawbacks are kept to a minimum. At Metalo we have superfinish equipment. With the superfinish technique material is removed by means of a polishing belt. Resulting in a super smooth suface.

  • Very high surface quality

    Superfinish results in a surface roughness up to 0,01 Ra uM.


  • Various materials

    The superfinish technique can be applied to different materials.


Metalo is supplier for a.o.

More surface treatments


Metalo provides all possible forms of blasting up to a size of 6 x 2.5 x 2.5 meter.

Machine factory Honing


Honing of all types of metal to your specifications with the perfect finish.

Machine factory Grinding


Metalo posesses various grinders to fullfill every kind of grinding needed.