In the middle of society

As a local company we are in the middle of society. When it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Metalo chooses for the best available solutions, both administrative, organizational and technical, which are feasible for a viable investment. Metalo is aiming for the right balance between People, Planet and Profit.

Machine factory corporate social responsibility

CSR obvious part of our company

Corporate Social Responsibility is an obvious part of Metalo's business and culture. For Metalo CSR means to strife for a balance between healthy corporate returns, a better environment and optimal welfare of employees and society. We see it as our duty to work on a daily basis on CSR and to make it known to our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Welfare employees

One of the goals of our organization is the well-being of our employees. The well-being of our employees is promoted by providing a healthy, good and safe working environment. Well-applied health and safety regulations are in the interests of our organization, our employees and our customers. Metalo has prepared a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E), which has been assessed by The Health & Safety Service.

Metalo invests a lot in a relaxed and positive working environment by stimulating and creating an informal working atmosphere with open communication, with employees having their own responsibility with great freedom. In addition, regular work consultation is organized. Metalo communicates openly and honestly about its policies, future plans and possible price changes.

Metalo's policy is to keep our employees sustainable and optimally employable. The policy is aimed at the longest possible healthy, motivated, involved and therefore productive being of our employees, both from the point of view of employees and the organization. Metalo achieves her goal by taking into account education and age and the associated specific characteristics and needs.

Following various forms of education is encouraged within the organization and is accessible to all employees. This leads to internal flow, which makes knowledge and skills optimally used, and our employees remain committed and bound to our organization.

Metalo takes responsibility for young people and offers them internships. Metalo is a recognized Learning Company. Thus, we are actively contributing to the development and transfer of knowledge to others who want to learn the profession.

Recruitment and selection will look at the future colleague\'s competences regardless of age, origin or work restriction. For example, part of the workforce consists of (partially) disabled employees.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is central to our relationship with our (immediate) environment, to which we make an active contribution. By consciously dealing with the social and natural environment, Metalo takes its social responsibility in different ways.

Metalo sponsors various local organizations: sports, people with disabilities and community life.

Metalo offers transparency in financial accountability by depositing our balance sheet and income statement at the Chamber of Commerce. Metalo cares for a positive contribution to the local economy, by attracting mainly regional employees, which also brings benefits to the environment.

Metalo and Corporate Social Responsibility

Metalo makes moral choices and deals with her people, customers and the environment in a respectful way. Metalo respects and acts in accordance with the law and regulations and the generally applicable standards and values. Metalo has an eye for the needs of and is transparent in its communication and making arrangements with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Quality is an important topic within our organization. We continue to train our employees to ensure high quality in the long term and invest a lot in quality and efficiency for all parties. Metalo sets high standards of quality management and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. Not only human beings and their development, but also society as a whole, the environment, in addition to gaining profit, is important to our organization. Some practical examples:

  • well-being employees (People)
  • doing business environmentally friendly (Planet)
  • social responsibility (Profit)



Environmentally friendly business

Another goal of our organization is eco-friendly enterprising. When exercising the business activities, best possible technical and economically measures will be taken to minimize any adverse effects on the environment. The best possible control and reduction of environmental impact is an issue of business management.

Metalo, of course, complies with the environmental laws and regulations. As an organization, we want to avoid environmental taxation and we strive for continuous improvement. Possible environmental risks relevant to the organization have been mapped. Because some of Metalo's activities are covered by the Environmental Management Act, environmental inspections are taking place regularly.

In addition to providing high quality products, Metalo is also responsible for the environment in a responsible way. In order to make it tangible and demonstrable that Metalo successfully manages all its activities, which could potentially harm the environment, Metalo has successfully used to achieve the ISO14001 certificate. The process leading to this certification laid the foundation for further sustainability of the business activities in the coming years.

Our organization takes energy-saving measures such as choosing green power wherever possible, insulation and energy-efficient materials, equipment and lighting in the building.\r\nThe sustainability awareness of our employees is encouraged by pointing to unnecessary energy and water consumption, reducing paper consumption and waste separation.

Metalo has a separate collection of paper, plastic, metal, wood and chemical waste.

This is how we do business in a social manner.

  • Working conditions

    Maximum protection for our employees in the short and long term.

  • Disposal of residual materials

    Without releasing unwanted substances.

  • Comply with all laws and standards

    ...of course.